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5 Tips to Maximize Your Geodesic Greenhouse

Updated: Feb 23

5 Tips to Maximize Your Geodesic Greenhouse

Are you looking to protect your garden from unfavorable weather and other environmental factors? A geodesic greenhouse can be the perfect solution to help your garden flourish without sacrificing beauty. Here are geodesic greenhouse maximizing tips for a sturdy, reliable garden space.

Improving Weather & Tear Resistance

Geodesic greenhouses are a great way to protect your plants from unwanted weather and environmental ailments. You can improve your greenhouse by providing additional protection with a woven polyurethane covering material, which is tear-resistant and holds up against hazardous weather. After a frigid blizzard or heavy rainfall, you’ll find your geodesic greenhouse unscathed and protected.

Keep Out Pests & Vermin

If there’s one way your greenhouse can fail, it’ll come from unwanted vermin and pests entering your garden space. Common vermin and pets include Japanese beetles, spider mites, locust swarms, and fruit flies. So instead, focus on practical applications, such as geodesic dome screen doors, to keep pests out.

Customize It to Your Liking

What makes geodesic greenhouses so appealing to homeowners is their natural beauty. As you begin to move your plants into your dome, make sure you arrange your dome space in a way that’s both pleasing and practical. For example, keep your plants in sectioned areas while maintaining visual aesthetics.

Add On Insulation

Insulation is one of the most helpful ways to protect your plants from extreme temperatures. If you’re planning on building a geodesic greenhouse on your property, one tip to maximize it is by adding insulation to your package. Long gone are the days when frigid, cold nights and blistering hot afternoons cause damage to your plants, and the elements won’t affect your plants at all.

Bring Out the Peaceful Factor

While you dedicate your geodesic greenhouse to growing your favorite plants and foods, make it a space you can spend hours in. Bring in chairs, seating, and entertainment, and make it an inviting space for you and your loved ones to spend time in. There’s nothing more relaxing than relishing your strenuous efforts by sipping on your favorite cold beverage in a comfortable seat as you gaze upon your beautiful garden.

East Domes is the perfect solution to building your dome on your property. When you purchase one of our greenhouse domes, you can finally grow your favorite peonies, sunflowers, begonias, and vegetation to feed your family. From wildflowers to houseplants, it’s the perfect solution to help your plants grow. Contact us today if you would like to know more about our greenhouse geodesic domes.

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