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How a Geodome Can Be a Lifetime Jungle Gym

How a Geodome Can Be a Lifetime Jungle Gym

Children spend valuable time on the playground playing games like kickball, basketball, tag, four-square, and other physically exhausting activities that help them burn off their lunches create bonds with their friends. Let’s discuss how geodomes can be a Lifetime Jungle Gym and their benefits.

What’s a Dome Climber?

A dome climber is a great interactive climbing activity for children between 5 and 12 years old. It features thick bars and brightly colored triangles for easy climbing. This stable playground structure provides hours of play at playgrounds and daycare centers.

Dome climbers are fun areas for children to play. They help kids increase physical strength and stay fit for playtime. Geodomes are the perfect jungle gym alternative to Lifetime, as they’re made with dozens of 1.5-inch-thick factory galvanized steel struts for a stable hold and rust resistance.

Benefits of Geodome Jungle Gyms

Let’s cover the benefits of geodome jungle gyms and how they help children grow. From increasing their physical strength to overcoming their fear of heights, children can benefit significantly from geodome jungle gyms.


Like a Lifetime Jungle Gym, geodomes provide the same positive benefits to children. One significant perk of a geodome jungle gym is its ability to help children become stronger. After spending hours climbing, jumping, exploring, and swinging their bodies around, your children’s athletic skills will improve.

Overcoming Fears

The fear of heights is widespread in children. Activities such as traversing monkey bars, climbing rock walls, sitting on the swings, and sliding down slides can feel daunting to young children.

When you install a geodome jungle gym, children can slowly learn to climb with consistent repetition and develop their courage. They’ll overcome their fears in no time!


Another perk of kids playing on a geodome jungle gym is learning to grow their imagination. It doesn’t take long for children to put on their thinking caps and create a world filled with magic, mystic creatures, and wondrous places. From being King of the Mountain to rescuing princes and princesses from evil wizards, your children will spend hours playing on a geodome jungle gym.

East Domes focuses on offering premium customizable geodesic dome kits to North American and Caribbean clients. We offer geodesic play domes to bring out every child’s inner imagination while learning coordination and dexterity. Providing a geodome for playtime can help decrease stress, expend children’s bottomless energy, and better their moods. Contact us today for more information regarding our geodesic domes and what they can offer you.

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