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How to Use a Geodesic Dome as a Psychedelic Therapy Space

As you’ve probably seen, geodesic domes can be used for just about any purpose. Their sacred geometry and economical building method makes them particularly well-suited as a space for guided psychedelic therapy sessions. If you are a licensed practitioner, using a dome as a psychedelic therapy space can provide a unique, immersive, and tranquil experience for your patients. Here are some steps to consider when using a dome for psychedelic therapy:

  1. Safety first: Before starting any therapy session, make sure that the dome is resting on a structurally sound deck or foundation and can support the weight of the participants. You should also ensure that the dome is well-ventilated, with plenty of fresh air circulating to avoid any potential risks from oxygen deprivation. Our standard dome kits always come with built in vents as well as 3 porthole-style windows with screens for this reason.

  2. Set the mood: To create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, consider using soft lighting, ambient music, and calming scents such as lavender or chamomile. You may also want to include comfortable seating or mats for participants to sit or lie on during the therapy session. Feel free to get creative with your dome space and hang these lights off the

  3. Choose your psychedelic: Choose a psychedelic substance that is legal, safe, and appropriate for the needs of the participants. You should also ensure that you have the necessary training and experience to administer the substance safely and effectively.

  4. Facilitate the session: Once the participants have taken the psychedelic substance, guide them through the experience by providing a safe and supportive environment. This may involve talking them through any difficult emotions or experiences they may encounter, and helping them to process their thoughts and feelings.

  5. Follow up: After the session, it is important to check in with the participants and provide support as needed. You may also want to schedule follow-up sessions to help them integrate their experiences and insights into their daily lives. Having these follow-up sessions inside of your dome can be particularly helpful to your clients feeling that they are in the same safe space.

Remember, guided psychedelic therapy sessions should only be conducted by trained professionals with the appropriate knowledge and experience. If you are considering using a dome as a psychedelic therapy space, be sure to consult with a licensed therapist or healthcare provider. If you are in the psychedelic space please feel free to contact us directly at or 954-394-253 to see about our discounts to licensed professionals. And finally, please be sure to visit our booth at the Psychedelic Science Conference this June in Denver to meet us in person and learn more about how we can help you create the perfect dome space to suit your clients needs.

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