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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Geodesic Dome?
    Popularized by the great inventor R. Buckminster Fuller in the 1940s, a geodesic dome is a half spherical structure made up of many smaller triangles that uses the same building blocks as nature to create structures that encompass the maximum amount of space with the least amount of materials-and all while being remarkably strong! They have been used as temporary health clinics, classrooms, military installations, shelters, greenhouses, tool sheds, portable homes, glamping structures, and much more.
  • What kind of geodesic domes do you offer?
    The majority of our clientele installs their domes as Glamping units but they have also been used as temporary hospitals, yoga studios, projection domes, concert stages, waiting areas, and event stores. Geodesic Domes can be used for just about any purpose you can think of and our team can turn most visions and customizations into a reality.
  • What do your dome kits include?
    All of our standard domes include: -1.5 inch galvanized steel frame covered with electrostatic paint. -20-24 Oz. Fire Resistant Cover -Panoramic Bay Window in either Cal. 20 or Cal. 40 Transparent Vinyl -Doorframe and Entryway -Three porthole style windows with external screens. -Curtains and Curtain Rod -Deck Anchorings
  • Pricing?
    You can visit our pricing page right here for information on our standard kits.
  • How can I order my dome?
    The first step would be to download our pricing catalog, that will give you a nice overview of our standard options and capabilities. Please keep in mind that while this catalog showcases a large portion of our offerings we are very flexible with customizations. For example, if you would like a 16 meter (52 feet) dome, or even larger than that, we can have it made for you. That goes for any modifications to the size of your panoramic bay window, and the color of your cover. After you've had a chance to read through our catalog, so that we can send you a quote for what everything will cost, shipping included (make sure to put in your zip code!). If that looks good, we’ll send you a spreadsheet with all of your order specs for you to digitally sign and return. After that, we’ll send you an invoice with a 50% balance due to start production. Once your order is completed, the final 50% deposit plus the price of shipping will be due so that your purchase can be released from the factory and delivered to the location of your choice.
  • Where are your domes made?
    Our domes are manufactured in Mexico by the company Domos Geodesicos Cosmotec and we are their representatives in the United States and the Caribbean through our sister company Caribbean Domes.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping costs depend on how and what you buy and where it's going to. If you fill out this form with your zip code and the details of the products you want, we can get you a quote including the price of shipping and handling within one business day.
  • Where can they be put?
    Anywhere really, so long as they're placed on a solid deck made of either wood or concrete.
  • What do your domes need to be placed on?
    All domes should be anchored onto a well-built foundation made usually out of either wood or concrete. Regardless of what sort of foundation the dome is placed on, all of our dome kits come with a 7 cm tall raised wooden circular base for your structure to anchor to.
  • Can I install a bathroom inside?
    Of course! You can work with the contractor of your choice and we provide all the relevant dimensional drawings needed.
  • Can I install a kitchen?
    Yes, you can, and our domes have good natural ventilation systems to make sure the smell of food doesn’t linger. A lot of customers also elect to have an outdoor kitchen built outside the dome on the deck/foundation to keep cleaning and maintenance at a minimum.
  • Do they come with insulation?
    Our dome packages do not include insulation but you can order it as an add-on. Our insulation keeps your dome cool when it’s hot outside and warm when it’s cold outside. It also diminishes sound on both the inside and outside which can make the dome function particularly well as a recording studio.
  • Do they get hot?
    It depends on where you are, but because of the screens on our windows, the roof vents on the cover, and our blackout covers the domes are all particularly well-ventilated. However, if you are in a warmer area we do recommend installing an air conditioner.
  • What is powder-coated electrostatic paint?
    Powder-coating is a process that uses an electrical charge to attract the paint to the metal that is to be finished. The result is paint that is smooth and adds an extra layer of protection from the elements.
  • What is the cover made out of?
    Our covers are made of a high quality plasticized vinyl canvas. They’re all UV and weather resistant and come with a blackout layer for added protection.
  • Are they fire-resistant?
    All of our covers are certified fire-resistant by the California Fire Marshal.
  • Are they easy to clean?
    Absolutely! All you need is a soft rag or sponge and a gentle soap solution. Wipe it on the frame and the inside and you’re good to go.
  • Are they hard to install?
    Not at all. All of our domes come with an instruction manual that any team of 5-6 people can use to install in a few hours.
  • Do you offer installations?
    At this time no but you can give the instruction manual to your contractor and they can install it for you. If you have any doubts, you can purchase our supervision service and one of our dome experts will come out to your site and assist your crew.
  • Where are your domes made?
    Our domes are manufactured in Mexico by the company Domos Geodesicos Cosmotec and we are their representatives in the United States and the Caribbean.
  • Do they have windows?
    Yes! All our domes come with three porthole style windows made up of a hinged fiber glass portion on the inside and screen on the outside. You can keep them closed for privacy or open for better ventilation.
  • What kind of permits am I going to need to put one of these up on my property?
    It depends on where you’re located. In the US, this is usually applied for at the city or county level. We’ll advise you throughout the whole process as well as provide any technical drawings and information your planning department requests.
  • Can I buy different colors for the cover?
    Our standard offerings for 20 Oz. Blackout Covers are currently White, Beige, and Olive Green. We also have the white available in 24 Oz.
  • Can I install running water and electricity?
    Absolutely. Doing this would be no different from installing water and electricity in a regular brick-and-mortar house. Most people have their contractor build a wall or two inside of the dome and then run all the electrical and plumbing through the bottom of the platform.
  • Do they come with warranties?
    Yes, all of our covers and structures come with a five year limited warranty covering manufacturing defects.
  • Can you ship outside the United States?
    We ship all over North, Central, and South America as well as the Caribbean.
  • Do they come with doors?
    No, but all of our kits include a standard size 37' by 80' door frame.
  • How it works
    1. Click here (the prequalification link should be embedded into "Click here") to be taken to our financing portal. 2. Fill in the fields in the "Get Pre-Qualified" tab. Here you will also be able to add a co-borrower if need be. 3. Once you submit, you'll be able to compare different offers for personal loans and credit cards with varying rates from up to 17 lenders. 4. Once you pick the financing option that works best for you, you will be asked to submit proof of your income. If approved, you will be notified by your lender and your funds will generally be deposited straight into your account within 1-3 business days. 5. We will send you an invoice along with a spreadsheet confirming the details of your order and production will begin.
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