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Glamping Domes for Outdoor Camping Adventures

Unveil the art of elegant camping with

East Domes LLC's premier glamping dome kits

Our domes, manufactured in collaboration with Domos Geodesicos Cosmotec in Mexico, offer a seamless blend of durability and minimalist design, ideal for glamping sites and off-grid living. Each structure is a sanctuary for living, working, and communing with nature, meticulously engineered to maximize space and comfort with minimal environmental impact.

Seamless Foundation with Flat Spot Partnership

Complement your dome with the perfect foundation thanks to our partnership with Flat Spot. Specializing in modular decking, Flat Spot provides adaptable, permit-free solutions that enhance the functionality and accessibility of your outdoor space. Whether it's a serene yoga deck or a lively outdoor dining area, we ensure a hassle-free setup from the ground up.

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Customize Your Retreat

Select from our array of dome kits and envision your retreat—a space designed for comfort, functionality, and beauty. Incorporate our glamping domes into your business or personal life and experience a new standard of eco-conscious living. Contact us to discuss your project, receive detailed pricing, and explore how our domes can transform your environment.

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Request A Quote

Our Project Intake Form is designed to capture the essence of your dream dome. Fill it in with details of the intended use, location, and design preferences, so we can craft a quote that respects your budget and vision, and kickstart the process of permit research and builder solutions.

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