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Geodesic Play Dome Structures for Growing Children

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Playtime is a central part of growing children.

There are many aspects of playtime, including improving socialization skills, hands-on interaction, vocabulary growth, and problem-solving abilities.

Children need playtime to also better their moods, decrease their stress, and expend their bottomless energy. At East Domes, we want to help children explore their imaginations and reflect back on their fun day fondly with our geodesic play dome structures.

Does your child love to play pretend by being an animal in a zoo? How about being the King of the Hill for coming out on top? What about being a princess in a faraway castle? Our geodesic dome play structures give your children the opportunity to connect with others while building strength to climb. All of our structures come with dozens of 1.5-inch-thick factory galvanized steel struts for an impeccable hold and resistance against rust.

​Do you want to provide an outdoor space for year-round play so that your children can stay comfortable and warm? You can purchase our playground dome covers; they’re made of a high-quality Carolina Performance PVC membrane to protect against rain and wind. For winter playtime, our insulation add-on keeps the persistent cold out and keeps warm air in.

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Request A Quote

If you’re interested in ordering our large dome tents for your upcoming party, ​​request a quote from our team to get information about our shipping prices and ​​financing options. Once you feel satisfied with your quote, sign off on our spreadsheet and provide our team with a 50 percent down payment to secure your purchase—​please be mindful that you will incur a 2.9% service fee should you pay with credit card​​.​ ​When​​ ​ your order is​ almost​ ready​ we will notify you so that you can​​ ​pay your final deposit​ and your dome can ship out.​​ ​ ​You will then receive your dome within 2-3 weeks at the location of your choice.​​ ​You deserve the party of a lifetime, so reach out to us today if you want more information about our event domes.

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