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Geodesic Dome Emergency Shelter for Home

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Accidents​ and catastrophes​ can happen when you least expect them. From treating minor scrapes and bruises to severe bodily trauma that needs immediate aid, getting the proper care can become a stressful endeavor. At East Domes, our dome emergency shelters provide a protective, safe space where patients can receive the proper assistance necessary to recover. We provide geodesic emergency domes to classrooms, warehouses, portable medical clinics, distribution centers, and more, requiring fewer building materials and decreased surface area requirements to help those in need. 

Manufactured in Mexico by Domos Geodesicos Cosmotec, with whom we have an exceptional partnership, our geodesic dome shelters are safe spaces for emergency personnel to treat and administer aid to patients and accident victims. All of our structures feature tough 1.5-inch-thick factory-galvanized steel struts that offer resistance against heavy winds, rust, and snow. 


Emergencies happen, so it’s up to you and your team to be prepared and accessible. If you would like to learn more about our geodesic shelter domes, you can request a quote from our team, who will provide shipping prices and financing options. Once you’ve read through your quote, you then sign off on our spreadsheet and provide a 50 percent down payment to secure your purchase— there is also a 2.9 percent service fee you must pay with your credit card upon your down payment. When your order is close to being ready, we will send you a notification so that you can provide your final payment and obtain your dome order status. Your dome will arrive within 2-3 weeks at your chosen location. Providing victims and clients with sanctuary is an easier feat with us at East Domes. If you wish to know more about our dome emergency shelters, please contact our team today. We are here to help you in your time of need. 

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Request A Quote

If you’re interested in ordering our large dome tents for your upcoming party, ​​request a quote from our team to get information about our shipping prices and ​​financing options. Once you feel satisfied with your quote, sign off on our spreadsheet and provide our team with a 50 percent down payment to secure your purchase—​please be mindful that you will incur a 2.9% service fee should you pay with credit card​​.​ ​When​​ ​ your order is​ almost​ ready​ we will notify you so that you can​​ ​pay your final deposit​ and your dome can ship out.​​ ​ ​You will then receive your dome within 2-3 weeks at the location of your choice.​​ ​You deserve the party of a lifetime, so reach out to us today if you want more information about our event domes.

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