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Greenhouse Domes for Gardening and Plant-Growth

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You work tirelessly on growing beautiful plants in your home

Whether you have a particular affection toward outdoor flora—including peonies, begonias, and sunflowers—or you want to help propagate your houseplants—such as pothos plants, spider plants, or a monstera—you need the appropriate space to allow them to flourish.

Most likely, your main concern is how the weather can easily impact the growth and health of your plants. Take your green thumb to the next level with us at East Domes, where our geodesic greenhouse domes keep your plants lively and healthy. ​

​When you purchase one of our dome greenhouses for sale, you’ll discover many benefits. You’ll feel peace of mind, no matter the weather conditions; from pouring rain to scorching sunny skies, your plants will remain safely protected with its natural temperature- and climate-regulating properties. If you love growing your own vegetables and fruits, our outdoor geodesic greenhouses allow your garden to thrive. The best part of owning a greenhouse dome is that it helps bring you closer to nature. It’s a deeply nurturing experience to peacefully care for your plants, no matter how extreme the outdoor temperatures and conditions may be. ​

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Request A Quote

If you’re interested in ordering our large dome tents for your upcoming party, ​​request a quote from our team to get information about our shipping prices and ​​financing options. Once you feel satisfied with your quote, sign off on our spreadsheet and provide our team with a 50 percent down payment to secure your purchase—​please be mindful that you will incur a 2.9% service fee should you pay with credit card​​.​ ​When​​ ​ your order is​ almost​ ready​ we will notify you so that you can​​ ​pay your final deposit​ and your dome can ship out.​​ ​ ​You will then receive your dome within 2-3 weeks at the location of your choice.​​ ​You deserve the party of a lifetime, so reach out to us today if you want more information about our event domes.

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