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DIY Projector Domes for Home Planetariums

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Learning in a traditional classroom can feel uninspired, overly structured, and boring. Children and students of all ages need inspiration and exciting curriculums to make each lesson come alive and engage them in their learning. At East Domes, we want to help inspire learning with our ​inflatable projector domes, where students can take their education to the next level. From learning about the life cycle of a black hole to exploring the celestial bodies in our galaxy, our home planetarium domes give students an immersive, interactive way to learn about important subjects in their education. Don’t stop at just textbooks—make their learning meaningful and inspiring by giving them a view of the lessons they’ll remember.

Our DIY geodesic domes are manufactured in Mexico by Domos Geodesicos Cosmotec, where our trusted partnership allows us to offer reliable, breathtaking geometric dome units that are perfect for knowledge-seeking minds and aspiring scientists who want to reach for the stars. All geodesic structures are built with dozens of 1.5-inch-thick factory-galvanized steel struts, providing resistance against rust, heavy snow loads, and high winds.​ And all of our inflatable projector domes come with everything you need to set up your dome in just a couple of hours at the location of your choice and give presentations on any topic.​ 


If you would like more information about our dome projection units, you can begin by requesting a quote from our team regarding our financing options and shipping prices. Once you’ve reviewed your quote, sign off on our spreadsheet and provide us with a 50 percent down payment to secure your purchase—please be mindful of the 2.9 percent service fee you must pay with your credit card. When your order is almost ready, we will notify you so that you can move forward with your final payment, after which you will receive your dome order status. Your dome will arrive within 2-3 weeks at the location of your choice. Projector domes offer a grand 360-degree immersive viewing environment for you and your party. If you’d like to know more about our beautiful projector domes, ​reach out to our dedicated team today. 

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Request A Quote

If you’re interested in ordering our large dome tents for your upcoming party, ​​request a quote from our team to get information about our shipping prices and ​​financing options. Once you feel satisfied with your quote, sign off on our spreadsheet and provide our team with a 50 percent down payment to secure your purchase—​please be mindful that you will incur a 2.9% service fee should you pay with credit card​​.​ ​When​​ ​ your order is​ almost​ ready​ we will notify you so that you can​​ ​pay your final deposit​ and your dome can ship out.​​ ​ ​You will then receive your dome within 2-3 weeks at the location of your choice.​​ ​You deserve the party of a lifetime, so reach out to us today if you want more information about our event domes.

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