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4 Ways We Check The Quality Of Your Geodesic Domes

As dome sellers we take great pride in making sure our geodesic dome kits are the highest quality possible. We do this through a combination of visual inspection, structural analysis, and testing. Here is a little bit more on all of these:

  1. Visual Inspection: Before we package all of the materials making up your dome kit we visually inspect them for any visible defects such as cracks, deformation, or misalignment. We also check the welds, bolts, and connectors for any signs of damage or weakness.

  2. Structural Analysis: Depending on the snow load and wind speed requirements our clients need for the area they will be installing their dome in, we perform a structural analysis of the geodesic domes using a special structural engineering software, STAAD, to ensure they meet the required specifications and standards. If it looks like our standard dome kit offering doesn’t meet the requirements, then we look into raising the frequency of the structure (using more steel to make the dome) or using thicker steel and cover materials.

  3. Testing: In the case of non-standard dome kits we often set the domes up in the factory and conduct physical tests on the geodesic domes to check their strength and durability. This can involve subjecting the domes to various loads, such as weight, wind, and earthquake forces. We also often test the materials used in the domes, such as the steel or aluminum, to ensure they meet the required specifications and standards.

  4. Certification: If necessary, we seek certification from independent third-party organizations or individuals such as civil or structural engineers that specialize in testing and certifying the quality of geodesic domes. With their input we can provide a structural analysis that clients can use for their permitting process which is as detailed, informative, and accurate as possible.

By combining these methods, we ensure that the dome kits you are receiving, whether you’re putting together a greenhouse dome, glamping dome, or marketing dome, are of the absolute highest quality possible. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at, 954-394-2531, or request a quote here. In the meantime, you can find the pricing for all of our standard dome kits here. We look forward to making the dome of your dreams according to everything you need!

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