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East Domes Geodesic Dome Kit: Your Guide to Maintenance

Updated: Feb 27

Whether you're embracing the luxury of our Good Karma model or the versatility of our Glamping kit, an East Domes Geodesic Dome Kit provides a dynamic space perfect for eating, sleeping, working, living, and gathering. Designed to adapt to various lifestyles and purposes, these domes combine comfort with functionality. To ensure your dome, regardless of model or size, continues to serve you effectively, proper maintenance is essential. Here are general guidelines for maintaining any dome kit from our range.

For the Geodesic Dome Structure

1. Regular Inspections:

- Perform routine checks of the dome’s structure, particularly focusing on joints, connectors, and overall frame integrity.

- Regular inspections are crucial to maintain the structure's strength and security, even with our rust-resistant 1.5 inch galvanized steel or union screwed triangular treated pine good karma panels.

2. Cleaning the Structure:

- Use mild soap and a soft cloth to clean the structural components. Regular removal of debris and pollutants maintains the dome's appearance and aids in the identification of any structural issues.

3. Winter Precautions:

- In areas with snow, ensure that snow is cleared from the dome’s surface to prevent excessive weight and potential strain on the structure.

For the Dome Cover

1. Regular Cover Maintenance:

- Clean the blackout PVC cover routinely using mild soap and a soft cloth. This prevents the accumulation of dirt, debris, and mold, and facilitates damage inspection.

- Promptly address any detected damage to prevent further deterioration. Our domes come with patching kits and instructions to address any tears.

2. Applying Thermoshield:

- Enhance the cover's lifespan by applying a coat of thermoshield every few years or so depending on how much wear and tear the cover receives over time. This will potentially add 5-10 years to its life and offer extra protection against environmental elements. For assistance with this you can speak with one of our team members.

3. Ventilation and Humidity Control:

- Proper ventilation is key to preventing condensation and moisture buildup. Thankfully our 20 Oz. Blackout PVC covers are treated to be mold-resistant and UV ray resistant, which means they do great in all sorts of environments-hot, cold, dry, or humid. Regardless of this we recommend a dehumidifier is recommended in damp or humid climates to prevent condensation build up on the cover or struts.

For the Decking

1. Routine Deck Maintenance:

- Regular sweeping and mopping the deck with a mild detergent solution are essential to keep the deck free from mold, mildew, and debris.

- Periodically reseal and stain wooden decking to protect against weathering and UV damage.

2. Safety Inspections:

- Conduct regular checks of the deck for safety hazards and ensure its structural stability.

3. Winter Deck Care:

 - Use de-icing products with caution to prevent damage to decking materials.

4. Furniture and Accessory Maintenance:

- Maintain deck furniture and accessories with regular checks and upkeep for safety and durability.

General Maintenance Tips

- Maintenance Log: Keep a record of all maintenance activities to track the dome’s condition over time.

- Professional Inspections: Schedule occasional professional inspections, particularly for the structural elements.

- Safety First: Prioritize safety in all maintenance activities.

Personalizing Your Dome Experience

Each East Domes Geodesic Dome Kit comes with detailed instructions tailored to your specific build. As you start your journey with us, we provide comprehensive guidance to ensure your dome is maintained to the highest standard.

Click here to book a consultation

By answering a few questions, you can help us create a personalized quote tailored to your unique dome experience.

Adhering to these general maintenance guidelines ensures that your East Domes Geodesic Dome Kit, whether the Good Karma or Glamping model, remains a versatile and inviting space for all your chosen activities. Regular care not only extends the lifespan of your dome but also ensures it continues to be a comfortable and practical space for any use.

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