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General Guidelines for Geodesic Dome Permitting and Zoning

Geodesic domes can be a unique and innovative housing option, but the permitting and zoning requirements can vary depending on the location and intended use of the dome. Here are some general guidelines for geodesic dome permitting and zoning:

  1. Check local zoning regulations: Before building a geodesic dome, it is important to check local zoning regulations to ensure that it is allowed in your area. Some areas have specific regulations around the size, height, and placement of structures, and may require a permit before construction can begin. After you visit your local zoning office and you get an indication of what sorts of documents you will need to permit your dome we can provide you with any spec sheet you need including one that indicates your snow load and wind speed rating.

  2. Obtain necessary permits: Depending on the location and intended use of the dome, you may need to obtain a building permit, land use permit, or other permits from local or state authorities. These permits typically require detailed plans and specifications for the dome, as well as proof of compliance with local building codes and zoning regulations.

  3. Consider environmental factors: Geodesic domes can be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, but it is important to consider factors such as water supply, waste management, and renewable energy sources when planning the construction of a dome. Many of our clients simply build a wall inside of their dome and run any electrical and plumbing work through there. How much work you need to do will depend on the particular location you are placing your dome.

  4. Hire a professional: Building a geodesic dome can be a complex process, and it is important to hire a professional with experience in deck and foundation construction as well as permitting to ensure that the project is completed safely and in compliance with local regulations. This professional can also build your dome for you using our simple to use installation manuals.

Overall, the permitting and zoning requirements for geodesic domes can vary widely depending on the location and intended use of the dome. It is important to research local regulations and work with a professional to ensure that your dome is built safely and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Regardless we will be there to help you with anything you may need in order to install your dream dome. Feel free to contact us at or give us a call at 954-394-2531 anytime and we’ll be there for you.

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