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Discover endless design possibilities with our 7-meter geodesic dome. It's the perfect canvas for creating memorable experiences, whether you desire a cozy retreat for extended stays or a captivating venue for immersive experiences. With enough space to add a compact bathroom, this dome offers versatility and comfort like no other. Paired with Flat Spot’s Pressure Treated Wood Modular Decking System, you can effortlessly transform any outdoor area into a chic haven for relaxation and entertainment. It's ideal for creating seating areas, dance floors, dining spaces, and more. Crafted for durability and simplicity, these two products combine aesthetics and functionality to elevate your outdoor living space.

7-Meter Premier Dome Kit w/ FlatSpot Foundation

SKU: 999
Cover Color
Structure Color
  • Dome

    • 1.5 inch Galvanized Steel STruts with Powder-Coated
    • Electrostatic Paint
    • 24 oz. Blackout PVC Cover
    • Transparent VInyl Cal. 20 Panoramic Bay Window
    • 3 Hinged Porthole-Style Fiberglass Windos w/
    • Exterior Mosquito Net
    • Floor Anchors
    • Curtains
    • Standard Door Frame
    • Entryway Frame


    • Leveling System for terrain
    • Pressure Treated Wood Decking System
    • Instruction Manual​​​​​​

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