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Creating a raised circular base for your dome is an essential part of your build. It will waterproof the interior flooring for your dome and also give you a secure place to anchor your cover. You have the option of buying the base from us (recommended) or we can give you the plans and specifications for you to make it yourself.

Raised Wooden Circular Base

SKU: 999
  • Diameter Surface Area Price
    6m- 19.7 Ft 28m2- 301.3895 Sq.Ft


    7m-22.9659/ 23 Ft 37m2- 398.2647 Sq.Ft


    8m- 26.2467/ 26.3 Ft 49m2- 527.4316 Sq.Ft $523.00
    9m-29.5276/ 29.6 Ft 63m2- 678.1264 Sq.Ft $633.00
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    While East Domes LLC may recommend preferred freight and logistics services, the customer is responsible for selecting

    a freight company and customs broker of their choosing and by their own volition. Should the Customer opt to employ East Domes LLC to manage the logistical process of sending the product from the manufacturer to the location of his/her choosing, East Domes LLC is not responsible for any damage, error, delay or loss of product on part of the selected

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