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4 Tips To Make Your Geodesic Dome a Home

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

4 Tips To Make Your Geodesic Dome a Home

A geodesic dome is a unique way to live anywhere you like. You can use these domes in many ways, including for special events and glamping. Let’s go over four tips for making your geodesic dome more like a home.

Provide a Stable Foundation

A good rule of thumb for geodesic domes is that they shouldn’t sit on an uneven surface. You can build one anywhere you desire with an approved permit from your city or county. But ideally, you should build your dome on a solid concrete or wood deck.

Choose a Floor Plan for Your Lifestyle

Living in a dome can feel foreign compared to living in a standard home. One way to adapt to a geodesic home is by choosing a size and layout that fits your lifestyle.

Our geodesic dome structures come with dozens of 1.5-inch-thick factory galvanized steel struts to handle heavy winds or snow loads and prevent rusting. The larger the dome’s diameter, the larger the surface area. Whether you’re living on your own or with multiple people, ensure that it fits everyone’s needs.

Prepare for Cold Weather

While the warmer months can feel comfortable in a geodesic dome, it takes considerable effort to prepare for the winter season. Adding insulation is one way to make your geodesic dome more like a home because it helps keep cold air out and warm air in with the addition of a wood-burning stove.

The last thing you want is to be stuck in the woods, shivering at night without enough heat. So, keep insulation in mind when constructing your geodesic dome. Additionally, dome insulation makes hot weather tolerable by keeping cool air inside.

Decorate It Like a Home

Living in a geodesic home can help you feel one with nature. However, when you’re living outdoors, you need to seek comfort sometimes. Simple decorations can make you feel more at peace and allow you to enjoy the world around your geodesic home.

You can include basic furniture, like couches, sofas, dining table sets, a television, a bed, and storage. You can also personalize your geodesic home by adding plants, side table accents, sound systems, and different lighting sources—your comfort matters when living close to nature.

At East Domes, we provide premium customizable geodesic dome kits to North American and Caribbean clients who want to live minimally. Our geodesic domes have served a variety of purposes, including homes, greenhouses, shelters, emergency medical centers, classrooms, and more. Get a quote with us today if you’re interested in our geodesic domes.

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